rooster attacking hens!!!

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    Jul 20, 2011
    I have 2 roosters and 11 hens. I keep the hens in our main coop and pen, and the roosters are in a small coop with a young hen near the coop with the hens. Whenever the hens and roosters are let out to mingle, the roosters go off and attack the hens. I know its for mating because I have seen the roosters mount, but they are being so mean to our ameraucanas, black australorps, and one barred rock. One of the ameraucanas just layed on the ground after both roosters got her and when I picked her up, she was trembling and limp. I end up separating 3 or 4 chickens into a separate pen to keep the peace. What can I do to stop the roosters from going after the girls?
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    There are two ways to keep the roosters from going after the hens. 1: Separate them for good and never, ever let them out together. 2: Get rid of the roosters. Roosters mate hens. It's what they do. You also have too many roosters for your hens. Oh, and the young hen that's in with the roosters will soon become bare-backed and very stressed from being over-mated by the two roosters. She'd be better off with the rest of the hens. One more thing. By keeping them separate, every time you "let them out to mingle" they need to re-establish their pecking order. It would be better off to keep them all together all the time.
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    Quote:I agree. The only way to stop a rooster from doing it business is t seperate them forever or to get rid of them.[​IMG]
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    please don't take this wrong, but why would you put one hen in with 2 roosters? I really want to know. Did some one suggest this? I am surprised she's not dead yet.

    you need to reduce the roo count, or get 8 more hens, build a separate coop and run for them. Keep 10 girls with each roo. I just had to get rid of three roos. I have 2 hens who are in protective custody in the garage, and they are afraid to come out because I had to many roos. Not on purpose. Just happened. They just started figuring out how to be boys and terrorized the heck out of my 8 pullets. So, they had to go. Now there is peace in the yard with only one rooster.
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    Quote:I agree one pullet is not ok to be kept with two roosters. they will end up killing her.
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    Any time that you allow multiple roosters to gang mate hens there is the possibility of injury and death. The separation and occasional visit method that you are utilizing only increases their competitive spirit. It is not a logical husbandry technique. My advice would be to get rid of one of the roosters and then allow the other full time access to the hens.
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    Quote:Agree 100%

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