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    Jul 16, 2015
    Hi! I have a feral pigeon who was rescued when it was a few weeks old. It was drinking hydraulics fluid and was living in the dump. I used to have racing pigeons and really loved them and now that i have 1 i want to take care of it. My problem is that my rooster which is a black jersey giant is pecking him. He hangs out with the rooster since he was a baby but a few days ago the rooster started attacking him. I dont know whats the matter. What should i do? I wanna keep the pigeon with the other chickens. Should i build a small house and attach it to the coop?
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    Chickens and pigeons are a bad combination.

    Chickens will cannibalize young squabs and sick or weak pigeons.

    You could separate the rooster from the flock that would be a temporary fix.

    Hens you will find have a pecking order also so in my opinion the hens at some juncture will begin pecking at the pigeon.

    You could try building a small house and attach it to the coop that would work also.

    At some juncture if you plan on getting back into pigeons you would be best advised to build a separate structure.

    That is how I came to deal with this same problem.
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    Jul 16, 2015
    That really helps! Thanks a lot! Im separating the pigeon from the chickens evethough he likes to hangout with them. And i might get a mate for him.
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    Yes.. Pigeons better in even numbers of two or more. Your pigeon hangs with chickens even though attacked because extremely lonely. Find another stray/feral homer/racer or tumbler/roller etc pigeon or more, for free flying four maybe,eight min best safe small number found (all hawks go home empty handed by me here where few hawk nests real close, except when had owl pigeons).
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