rooster attacks wife


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
This is mrs. securityforall. we have beeen caring for our chickens and our daughters 6 light reds and 3 roosters. they have been together from the begaining. we have one of the rossters who seems too agressive to the hens, and now has attacked my leggs three time in two weeks. it is when he is behind me. he has left peck marks and scrathes, but not drawn blood. is it because we have too many roosters (4) and not enough hens (12) or do we need to have stew tonight?

if you're really in love with your roosters and want to keep them, they'd do better in a bachelor pad with no ladies than with too few ladies.
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The number of roosters to number of hens is unlikely to have anything to do with him attacking you. For some reason he has decided you are either a threat to his flock, one of his hens that he needs to discipline, or a rival for the dominant position in the flock. I suggest stew. There is no reason to keep a rooster that is a threat to you or especially a threat to any child that may be in the vicinity when you have plenty around that are not attacking people..
Stew pot. Although these days I've been using the crock pot, and bad birds come out really good. Nothing tastes better than an animal that's been irritating you for months!

Good luck.
I agree with that one (at least it has worked with my ladies). If any of them are being mean to other gals or being cocky with me (pardon the pun), I just hunt them down, pick them up, and snuggle with them for about 5 minutes. Seems to work over time. Now, the first few that I did this with follow me around all the time (I think they have a crush on me now).
Yes, you really need to get rid of 3 roos or pen them all in a bachelor pad. At my house, one would go in the crock pot and two in the freezer.
My rooster (22 week old BJG) decided to chase attack my husband a few weeks ago, and DH was steaming mad ready to have chicken dinner. I convinced him that is was teenage rooster hormones (I made that up, lol). I thought that he deserved another chance. He kept attacking/ flogging anyone who went into the pen to open the pop door. I decided to use the bad rooster rehabilitation advice I read here on BYC and went with my muck boots and jeans and some bread for a treat. As soon as I entered the pen he flogged and pecked me, so I knocked him off with a little kick from my boots and he came back at me. This repeated several times, but eventually he gave up and I offered him the bread. When he went to take it I snatched his rooster butt up and tucked him under my arm and carried him all around the pen, while I talked to the girls and gave them treats. I pet his head and rubbed his wattles, which he hated but he didn't peck at me. After about 10 minutes I put him down expecting him to attack me again, but he didn't, he just turned and went into the coop to pout. This was on Monday and he has not even raised hackles at me since. I'm going to give him a few more weeks before I send anyone else into the pen with him, but I think his attitude has really changed.

I don't know if this would be worth trying to you since you have two other roosters, but I only have the one that is the same age as my girls and another orphan rooster that lives in the barn with my turkeys.

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