Rooster badly beaten in a fight with another Rooster!!


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Apr 30, 2010
I have a Silkie roo, he'll be a year old this Easter, that got in a fight with a Bantam roo.
It looks like a little part of his comb is gone and the right side of his head was badly swollen. He cant open that eye either.
I was hoping to nurse him back to health because it doesnt look like anything health-wise is wrong with him but Im not quite certain on how to do that.
Im going to give him a bath and stuff but I really dont want him to die. I was thinking I could nurse him back to health and clean all of his wounds and maybe find him a new home.
Please let me know if you think this would be a good or bad idea. Also, some thoughts on how to fix his wounds would be greatly appreciated.
(( Ill try posting pictures of his wounds before the bath. ))
Its a GREAT idea. ive nursed countless roosters back to health after they got in fights. Just basically do what you would do if he were a child. wash it, bandage it, change bandages, the whole 9 yards. Chickens though are a little tougher than humans sothey heal quicker and better. Good Luck.
I use Betadine (generic version) to clean wounds on chickens because it doesn't hurt and you can just squirt it on. It's like doctors use to clean wounds. One of my local feed stores takes extra roosters, chickens, etc and sells them for a small price. I got my best rooster there and have given them about five rooster that were pretty but couldn't stop fighting. It's sad but they did get homes quickly.
I really dont like when my roosters fight. Especially since it was my Silkie that got the worst of it. I gave him a bath and hes so much more fluffier then he has been! Im sure he will find a great home. I washed his eye and it was just dried shut from all the blood. Im not sure if this was good for him but I put a couple drops of water on it until it was soft enough for him to open. Im going to put up an ad on Craiglist tomarrow for him. He still has some scars and missing feathers on top of his head but I think its looking up for Mr. Fluffy. :]
keep him somewhere quiet and dark to help him keep calm so he will heal up. check for open wounds on the face, neck, breast, and back. wash and bandage appropriately

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