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    A week and a half ago I added a Japanese Bantam rooster to my normal sized laying flock (4 mixed breed laying hens, 2 pullets). He came from the spare roosters bachelor coop of a private breeder, who claimed that he's a year old, but actually he looks a bit younger to me. The first two days everything seemed fine, there was very little squabbling between him and the hens and I got the impression that all the hens respected him somewhat, even though he kept himself a bit away from them. Since, we have had a winter rainstorm and some cold weather that kept the whole flock indoors huddled up in the closed part of the coop, including the little rooster. Now he mixes more with the hens but he behaves himself like a low-ranking hen. I've seen the three higher ranking hens pecking him away from the food and chasing him into a corner. He seems to be afraid of them, especially of my top hen, who has become more aggressive towards everyone since he is there. He prefers the company of the low-ranking pullets and the older lowest ranking hen. He also crows less than in the first days (though that might be the weather). I haven't seen him mating with any hen yet, though haven't been watching all the time. But somehow I don't think they let him do it.

    Did I overtax the little Bantam guy by throwing him in with the big girls? Can I leave him there and will he eventually figure out how to be the rooster of the flock?

    As he's got some flaws that disqualify him for Japanese Bantam breeding but he still looks gorgeous in his own way, I wanted him in the big mixed breed flock in order to breed colorful little Bantam mutts next summer with my two broody-going hens.

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