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9 Years
Apr 28, 2010
Millersburg, PA
I just wanted to share what I had noticed with my roo’s and see if anyone else has noticed anything similar with their roo’s. I am knew to chickens, just started with them in June of this year. So this might be typical behavior???
I have 4 silkie roo’s that are 6 months old. Bob is the head roo, Animal & Sammy, I am not sure who is 2nd & 3rd, then Muppet is on the bottom of the roo ladder. Animal has recently started acting too big for his britches and would come at me. I have been trying to let him know who was boss. But the thing I didn’t expect was that Bob & Sammy have started to “protect” me. If Animal came at me, either Bob or Sammy would come flying over and peck him on his butt, like they were correcting him. Also, they would stand between me & Animal when I would be getting feed out and stuff to keep him away. I started to just let Sammy & Bob do what they thought was “their job” and it has worked. Animal has started to really chill out these past 2 days. He still gets antsy when I am around but even if Bob and Sammy aren’t right there, he seems to be controlling himself better. He has not come at me the past 2 days at all. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?
Just me and I can't help you. I just rehomed about 15 roosters! LOL...

But I do think it is great that the other boys are helping out!
Growing we had a neighbor down the street that kept game chickens. (I think he was actually breeding them as fight stock). My sisters and I loved critters and being an animal lover I thought the chickens were cool looking. Our neighbor offered to let me have some hens if I agreed to take this one particular old game rooster who was actually a beautiful bird. My folks actually agreed to the idea as they thought it would be nice to have hens for eggs.

Well long story short the rooster turned out the be psychotic. He would attack us as we tried to feed or clean the coop. The only way we could get in was to knock him out.
That crazy rooster would get up in a matter of seconds shake it off and come at us for more. It was aweful. He also would attack cats, dogs, pretty much anything that moved that was not one of his hens. We had that crazy old bird for a long time until one day mom showed up with a batch of hen she got through an order at the local feedstore. To our delightful suprise 2 of the 12 turned out to be gorgeous and very friendly roosters that loved to be cuddled. When the boys got big they literally took out the old crazy rooster.

Anyway, sometimes you get a crazy bird sometimes you get the sweet ones.
Oh My! 15 roos!!!!
I could not imagine it!!! LOL I am glad you were able to find homes for them. I was really thinking I would have to rehome Animal but so far so good. I think the other boys taught him a lesson because he was great this morning and mornings were his worst time.
I just never would have expected they corrected another one like that??? I guess Bob & Sammy knows where their food comes from and they had to remind Animal! LOL

Wow, it sure sounds like you had one crazy roo there! Thank goodness my Animal is calming down. I couldn't have gone on with him being like that!

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