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    Nov 29, 2010
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    I have three Black Australorp roosters all 16 weeks old. One of the roosters (Oliver) has been crowing for over 6 weeks and is definitely the alpha male in the flock. The other two roosters (Coon-dog and Mutt) have never crowed and of course avoid direct contact with Oliver. Is it normal for the subservient roosters to not crow?

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    Yes my lil bantam roo was the bottom roo at his old home where there were 12 other big breed roos! Needless to say he was badly beaten up by them and never crowd, when he got here he did not crow for s few mouths but I guess he finally realized that he was the only roo on my place and now he is the head roo and he crow lovely every morning
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    I am glad that you asked that question. I have two roos in my flock.
    The alpha roo crows every morning and evening. I have yet to hear
    the beta roo crow. I am beginning to wonder if he ever will.
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    Good question!

    I have 5 roos in my little flock of 15. Since my neighborhood does not allow noise, I butcher them as soon as they crow (3 so far). Only one ever crows, and the others stay quiet. Does only the alpha roo crow? Will the others crow also, or are they waiting for me to butcher the alpha and then the next one takes over?
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