Rooster being too rough on my hens

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  1. Landens Grammy

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    Sep 29, 2015
    My Rooster (Chinese Silkie) apprx 6 mos old is making my hens (leghorns) combs bleed when mounting them...I feel bad for them is there anything I can do? I have 5 hens. He has just started mating the past week...will he settle down???
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    Your roo is, in a sense, a randy teenager right now who doesn't have a lot of manners or finesse. He basically has one thing on his mind and is acting on every impulse. In addition, a better roo to hen ratio would be 1 roo for every 10 hens. If you are trying to breed Leghorn X silkie crosses, then you need more hens. If you are not going to breed them and raise chicks, then I would suggest getting rid of your rooster, or at least removing him from the hens until he settles down.

    Good luck!

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