Rooster biting pullets

Ruby May

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May 1, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have 6 pullets born around 3/19/13. After completing the coop; a friend dropped off a 10 month old rooster I could not refuse. About 3 weeks ago I put the pullets in with him. He is still able to free range during the day because the top of the run is not yet fenced but the walls are tall enough to keep the chicks in. The rooster has always been very nice to the pullets. He finds food for them, herds them into the coop at night, gives me mean looks when I pick them up and protects them. He even lets my 3 week old chick under his feathers.

Yesterday evening I was sitting in the coop watching them. All the pullets were huddled together falling asleep but one. She was in the middle of the coop about 2 feet from me sleeping. About 2 minutes after I finished petting her; the rooster ran over to her and bit her on the back of the neck really hard. She got up and ran over to the other chicks.

The pullets aren't even 2 months old yet so I don't know if the rooster is interested in mating them or if he just wanted her to sleep with the others and thought I was a threat. I also read that maybe he is laking protein or salt or does not have enough room. He is free range when he chooses and I feed them a variety of foods to cover all the requirements. The coop is 8x8 and the run is 20x8. All together I have him, 6 six week old pullets and 1 three - four week old pullet.

Does anyone know why he may have bitten her? I hope he does not become more aggressive toward them or me as they get older.


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Apr 11, 2012
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Maybe its jealousy? He saw you petting her, and he told her off? "You cant be friends with that people, you are MY chick, you belong to me!"

Sometimes they are just being teenagers.

I had a young roo that would force my girls to go to sleep. When the sun was just about to go down, he would make a bunch of noise until they got up on the perch, then he would peck their heads down until they hunched up to sleep. He was a very bossy roo.

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