Rooster booster peck no more? Need opinions!!

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  1. I went to the feed store today to get a few more little fluffy butts when a particular chick caught my eye.

    For starters...the conditions for the older chicks are HORRID. TINY brooders packed wing to wing with chicks, so naturally the pecking and picking at each other is going to be a problem. I happened to notice this decent sized cochin chick being totally mutilated by a younger chick. I didn't really think anything of it until the cochin turned its back to me. The poor thing had blood gushing from around it's vent area. Me being a vet student who wants to specialize in poultry I didn't hesitate to snatch up the cochin and then instructed my boyfriend to go into the store and tell someone to come out. The clerk came out and I said "This chick is in bad shape." I figured he would take it inside and put it in the brooder with the other chicks that were in bad shape. NOPE. All he did was dump a TON of that Rooster booster "peck no more" crap all over its vent and then put it back.

    THE STUFF REEKED!! What I want to know is people's opinions on that stuff. I mean he dumped A LOT of it on the poor thing, to the point where it was dripping off of her and then put her back in with the rest of the chicks.

    Just an FYI I brought the little girl home. My boyfriend saw that I was disturbed by how she was treated and told me to go get her so I could take her home and care for her.
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    This is why I don't buy chicks from feed stores. Please rescue her! Cochins are so sweet! Get a few friends for her while you are at it. Nicest, sweetest, funniest birds on the planet!

    That stuff works great on older birds, it must taste awful. I don't know what it will do around her vent, it seems like it would be a little harsh on a chick. but for older birds, it works great.

    Good luck on your rescue![​IMG]
  3. Quote:I LOVE cochins so I couldn't let her suffer. Right now she is hanging out in my room. I cleaned her up a bit but I don't know what else to do for her. I have two other cochins in my brooder right now, a standard black and a white frizzle bantam! So she will have some loving sisters when she's all better! [​IMG]
  4. Here is a pic of her. I've got her set up in a comfy little bed with food and water within reach. I just put a little preparation H around her vent to help with the inflammation. She seems to be doing ok and is such a sweetie.


    The stains on her feathers are from the peck no more stuff. I am having a hard time getting it off.
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    Mar 13, 2010
    aww adorable chick!

    well not so much a chick...

    Fortunately... we do not sell chicks in feed stores in the UK... however... my view on it would be that it is most likely 'Not for internal use'

    and therefore if the vent was bleeding... the chick would have some pass into the blood stream... so cant be good... sudocrem or savlon... n some TLC... thts all she needs
  6. Quote:She's still pretty small seeing she's a standard cochin and not bantam. [​IMG]

    I was worried about it getting INTO her vent and she also has some open wounds so obviously the peck no more stuff would have gotten into her body. I cleaned her out as soon as I got her home.

    She's getting plenty of TLC and a small dose of some anti inflammatory ointment. [​IMG]
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    I used it last week. My 4 week olds were pecking a hatchmate until she was bloody. I separated her from the rest so she could heal over a bit and then I put the peck no more on her. She cried a little but I don't know if it burned or if she was suprised by it. You're right, it stinks. It smells like creosote, the stuff they put on telephone poles to preserve them.

    I didn't put her back with pecky face but brought some of the gentler girls to her brooder. No pecking from them and today it looked really good. However they were all put together today so we could clean both brooders and pecky face started right at it again. Poor little thing. She squirmed her way out of the screen on top of the brooder to get away. The peck no more had worn off though.
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    Apr 23, 2010
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    Nice rescue! Hope she does well with your other girls! Shes pretty.
  9. Quote:Once she is all better I am sure she will fit in fine! [​IMG]

    The other girls seem to be pretty docile so hopefully they wont pick on her.
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    Were you in Monroe?....I was there last Friday to get chicks for a friend and was appalled at the set-up. I felt sooooooo badly for the chicks left behind, but happy I could rescue a few. I will not be going there again.

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