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    Hey, does anyone have any advice for what I should do? I have this rooster that is three years old. He is a beautiful rooster!!! I am working him in a breeding project currently. Thing is, he just ain't getting the job done. [​IMG] I have him with one hen and the eggs I have set from this pair have not hatched. Infertile eggs, I do believe. I have had them together for about six months and I saw him mating for the first time last week. I feed them well so I know they are getting enough nurishment and variety in food types. Is there any supplement that I can give in water, feed, etc. THAT WILL BE A BOOSTER FOR MY ROOSTER? Thanks for any advice. Please don't joke and suggest giving the rooster Viagra.
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  2. MRNpoultry

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    Mar 2, 2008
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    Some feed store sell food that says breeder feed. Have you tried that?
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    We feed gamebird breeder rations and our flocks do well here with fertility. We have also used....Rooster Booster. LOL There is actually an entire line of Rooster Booster products.. you might consider trying something there. Here's the link.

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    What breed rooster and what are you breeding him to? Are there alot of feathers that may be preventing him from getting the job done? Is there a huge size difference between him and the hens? He may be fertile, something might just be getting in his way of completing the task.
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    Thanks for the rooster booster link!!! I will check into this information. Thanks, Johnny [​IMG]

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