rooster broke spur and its kinda hanging on

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    well my rooster (pumba) halfway broke his spur off at the base of his leg and its hanging on its really bloody but stopped bleeding i'm afraid if i remove it it will bleed more, any advice? i was thinking removes, if it bleeds coat it in flower or wound stop and then put some bluekote on it?

    p.s. he lives with 4 other BLRW roos but he is the head of the pen so no one is even thinking of pecking it i think if i keep it clean he should be fine.
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  2. Yes, they can bleed up quite a bit. Get a raw potato, nuke it for 4 minutes or so, put it on the broke spur, wait a few minutes, the twist and pull it and the spur off. Use the stipend to stop the bleeding, You can triple A it or blue kote it. OR, you can leave it and it will end up coming off next time he knocks the crap out of it... SO, take it off....

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