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    Dec 26, 2009
    I have a Welsummer Rooster (Jack), about 8 months old. He broke his leg, it looks like its broken right at the hock. I straightened it out and then splinted it with gauze and popsicle sticks, then wrapped tape around that. He is having trouble walking (well obviously) and he can't stand without falling over.
    My question is A.) Did I splint it correctly, I'm worried about it being too tight because its swelling and its red. I didn't know if that was just from the break. B.) Are there any cheap antibiotics I could get at a co-op or something. My husband and I are super tight on money. C
    C.) Where should I keep him. Right now he's separated from the other chickens and ducks [We have a drake that was beating up on him cause he couldn't walk] and I've put his favorite hen in with him. Right now he's just laying down and won't move so I'm wondering if seperating him is a good thing or not.

    Please help, I'm new to chicken first aid so anything suggestions will help.


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    Mar 12, 2009
    1. it is very good that you separated him.
    2. make sure that the hen is not picking on him if she is then take her out and put a mirror in for company.
    3. if it was a human then swelling is the body's natural response, but I don't know about a chicken.
    4. was there a skin break? did you clean it out?
    5. what is he eating and how is his appetite.

    I hope that someone with more experience comes along but for now just make sure that he doesn't put to much pressure on that leg, some people here have make slings for their foot/leg injured chickens.
    all the best and good luck
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    Swelling would be natural. They swell elsewhere for many things.
    And the splint sounds great to me

    Just, as said, make sure the hen doesn't pick on him.
    Seperation is the good thing as he will be picked on if he's hurt.
    But ofcourse, try to make sure he isn't away too long if possible.

    Asprin and water mix is good i hear. I'm not sure on the exact amounts though, try the FAQ or the other emergancies from the past.
    A bit of calcium would help to, so maybe mash up some pellets with milk?
    Or maybe if you want, give some egg yolk, personally i don't beleive in that, seem's a little cannibal, but it's all in the person.

    Make sure he is warm and comfortable and is able to reach his food and water easily

    Hope he gets better real soon x
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    Dec 26, 2009
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    When my chicken broke her leg below the hock, the vet said I must keep an eye on her toes. If they get hot, then there may be an infection or the bandage could be too tight. She did say thatwhen bandaging, always leave room for swelling.
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    Jan 27, 2007
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    Apr 3, 2009
    In a nutshell
    The correct aspirin dose for chickens is: Approx. 25 mg per pound of chicken's body weight each day. (A standard baby Aspirin is 80 mg, and a standard adult Aspirin pill is 325 mg.)

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