Rooster bullying pullets


5 Years
May 30, 2014
I have one 5mo. old rooster and 10 5 month old pullets. He is terrorizing them all to the point where they won't leave their coop to free range. They are roosting high in the coop all day and night. Last night I caught the rooster and separated him from the girls but, they are still too scared to come down and outside. What should or can I do to help these poor girls. I'm tempted to get rid of him although he's nice with me. Will this stop? Will they die of hunger? I never intended to have them petrified to this point. Any suggestions?
Sounds normal a cockerel of this age. He's coming into his hormones "puberty". If he gets to rough with them you'll have to separate him.
Sadly young roosters do that because he is just learning.
I would keep him separated and maybe only let him out so he can stretch when you are out there to keep an eye on him.
I am no expert so this is what I did with my rooster, until I got rid of him, we made a little coop and put him in there with his brother and let him out to stretch, he would definitely torment my girls.

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