Rooster butt- BAD!

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    My hens are picking at my roosters butt, it is all raw and he has no tail feathers anymore [​IMG] He is not molting!! the girls ARE picking at his butt, poor baby... anyway what should i put on it to make it heal. I heard of using something call Blue-Kote, Whats that??? and where can i get what i need to treat him with, please help i love my roo, and need to get his butt fixed up. Thanks!

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    Quote:First, he must be removed. As soon as they broke skin, he should be removed because it encourages cannibalism not to. They will pick at anything that is different.

    Please just take him out, separate him (inside - away from flies) for two days. Clean the area with warm water mixed with iodine (Betadine) til it's a light iced-tea colored solution. Clean his tail area thoroughly. Then pat dry (don't rinse the solution off) and dress the wounds with neosporin ointment (no pain killers, no cortisones - just old triple antibiotic ointment).

    Blue-Kote, I've heard too many times, will just be different enough to where they want to peck that, too.

    After he's had 2-3 days being up and the wound dries over, you can try to put him with the other girls and thoroughly coat his feathesr and that area with VetRx (rabbit, poultry, or any species formula is good) straight. They dislike the taste. But you will HAVE to monitor him. Any signs of pecking and back he goes into quarantine. Otherwise it'll open the wounds again, flies could blow them, and you'll have maggots, necrosis, and a systemically infected and dying bird. It's very important to set the foundation for healing just as you would make the foundation for a house strong; rush it and do it incomplete and the house falls.

    In the mean time, make sure he eats his normal food and drinks well. doing this, he should heal quickly for you.

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