Rooster can't walk

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    Mar 10, 2016
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    I have a two year old Blue Wyandotte rooster who has had a recurring limp for the majority of his life.

    The first time it happened I checked out his feet and found no swelling, heat, and nothing felt outright broken. Then he got better and I thought nothing of it. Well it happened again, he got better again. Then it happened again, again he got better. He's even earned the name Mr. Limpy because he limps so much.

    Unfortunately today I noticed he can barely walk. It's like his left leg (the one he always seems to have issues with) is useless and his right leg is fatigued from overcompensating. All he's doing is flopping around.

    I used to think it was a problem with him jumping down from the roosts and hurting himself but this most recent time he was in a different coop without roosts.

    He's eating and drinking just fine. He's also feeling good enough to charm the ladies and crow.

    Any advice on how I can help him or suggestions on what might be wrong with him is appreciated.
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    It's hard to know what the problem is exactly without a vet and xrays, but many of us don't have chicken vets or that kind of money. He may have had an early injury that kept getting reinjured. Other possibilities would be a leg bone deformity that worsens with age, and sometimes results in a hock tendon rupturing. No treatment for that unfortunately. Can you see any swelling or bruising in any of the leg joints or sore on the bottom of his foot? You could try poultry vitamins or a B Complex tablet ground into his food or water. Force him to rest his leg, maybe try a chicken sling to get him up off the floor. The sling could get him in front of his food and water to get more.

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