Rooster can't walk

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    Mar 1, 2012
    My rooster is about 2.5 kg 2 years old before 10 days was in verry good condition one day we saw all the rooster picked him , we seperate him and I try to find any bleeding but nothing ,I just find some red color on his feet and leg more than usualy, he can't walk I try to let him stand up he walk 10 feet very fast and he fall down on his head , no control,no balance,I just move the food and water to where he stay , he moved when he want poop, he goes backward touching the floor and balancing with his wings, his poop is normal smelly little but not soft,I just give him chicken food grains,he's eating well ,I try to wash his legs with warm water and antiseptic soup and I poor in the water some betadin , his leg now is normal color but still can't walk and little warm, his crow is changed same as young rooster while he's sitting you can't imagine that he can't walk same as normal rooster eating and biting my dogs when they come near of him,the main problem in walking and pooping, I'm living in Dubai no vet for poultry maybe I can find very far of the city, But I need your suggestion in his condition what kind of medecine and vitamin is good for him .
    Best Regards , thank you verry much in advance.

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