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  1. Europa

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    Nov 10, 2013
    Hi everyone

    A few months ago my friend's cat dragged a chick through the cat flap. After unsuccessfully attempting to find the chicks original home, the chick was given to me to raise. The chick has grown into some sort of mixed breed bantam rooster.
    I've grown attached to the rooster, I love him to bits and he's treated like a pet but he's started to show signs of aggression. Being a 'scruffy mutt' rooster, I believe it would be extremely difficult to rehome him because no one would want to breed from him or have their hens laying fertile eggs.

    Anyway, I've read about rooster castration. Can anyone give me more information?
    Is it legal in the UK?
    Where can I get it done?
    Would it have a positive effect on him?

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