Rooster chasing my hens.


Dec 23, 2020
So I am new to owning my own chickens but been around them for 5 years. My in laws own chickens so I got to see how they do things. But I'll give you the whole story and I hope this is normal behavior. I bought 12 chicks back in the beginning of June from a local feed store when one of my in laws hen got broody so I could stuff them under her at night and she would take care of them and she was a great mother. The chicks I bought are rir x Columbian. They never known anything other then my house. I have a small coop I can move by hand everyday so there manure doesn't pile up. They only go in to perch at night and I open the coop up in the morning before I leave for work at 6am. before the sun comes up and they free range no limits all day everyday day rain/snow doesn't matter, if it is gross they like to go in my barn or under my horse trailer to get it off weather. Life was good for my hens. They are now 7 months old only 1 of my hens is laying but could be due to it starting to get cold bc I live in Southern Canada and I gets a little chilly and the sun is not out long. But that is not my concern right now bc I have checked everywhere for nests outside and followed them everywhere and couldn't find anything. they lay when they lay I am patient. But my friend just recently got rid of 4 1 year old laying hens that I picked up laying everyday but don't know what type of hens they are. And another buddy of mine was getting rid of a rooster 5 months old so I picked him up too so I could try him out. he is an rir x ameraucana and looks only just like an ameraucana. So anyways I built a new coop to separate the 4 hens I got from one of my friends. And I slowly introduced the rooster to those 4 hens and eventually put the rooster in with them and everything was fine. Then I kept the 4 hens and the rooster in the coop for a few days while feeding my other 12 hens close to there coop to introduce them as well. Then I let them all free range together. There was a little bit of figuring out the pecking order between the rooster and the new 4 hens and my 12 chickens just ran and wanted nothing to do with any of it. Now everyday I let them all out and in the morning my rooster runs after my 12 hens and chases then away. And the 4 new hens keep my hens from eating too. So I put out another feeder but the rooster runs over there and chases them still. But when I get home I watch them and my rooster goes over to my hens and starts scratching and calling and doing the dance for my hens that arnt laying and my hens are terrified of my rooster it seems. I was wondering if this is normal or if my hens will continue to fear the rooster until they begin to lay or im scared my rooster and new hens will keep my 12 hens away and they won't become one flock. Basically I want all my hens to become one flock under the protection of the rooster. Does this take time?

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