Rooster/Chicken Memorabilia?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
Happy Martin Luther King Day!

I've been hitting the 90% off Christmas Clearance sales (K-Mart went 90% off today), and I am looking for chicken and rooster things-- ornaments, Christmas cards with chooks on them, chicken wrapping paper, etc.

Has anyone seen any anywhere?

Sears Grand has cute rooster ornaments.

Rite-Aid has a cute Christmas card with a Christmas tree decorated with rooster ornaments on it.

Anyone seen anything else of this nature, or am I posting this in the wrong forum? I considered "Hobbies," but I didn't think that quite fit, except I guess it could be seen as collecting chickens, so Mods, if you think this would be better there, please feel free to move it there.

All tips as to on-sale chicken items will be appreciated.

Hobby Lobby has some. I've seen some at Cost Plus World Market, too.

Another place to check out is Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. I'm a Michigander, so I can drive there (it's my once-a-year Black Friday tradition), but they also have a website.

Maybe next December I'll do a thread about my chicken ornament collection. I have a LOT. Our Christmas tree has more roosters on it than Santas and angels. Hee hee.
How fun! Those are so cute! I went to Sears Grand today to get the rooster ornament, but he had already sold. Darn!

Then I found a pretty cardinal, the last one left, and wouldn't you know I managed to drop it and it broke into a million pieces. I felt so bad!

I hadn't thought of Hobby Lobby or World Market. Great to know!
Sears Grand has the prettiest "Country Living" brand red rooster ribbon on Christmas clearance. It's a velvety ribbon with embossed raised roosters on it, in their holiday clearance. Fun find!

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