Rooster Cogburn is a bully

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    Jul 21, 2009
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    My cockerel is a 17 week old New Hampshire Red.

    about 2 weeks ago he started crowing, and has become agressive towards me, the dog, the cat, and his ladies.

    Agressive towards me includes - bum rushing me, flying at me with his hackles raised and pecking me, stopping his feet and then he has started to come running up to me and crow at me.

    I have held him every day since he was hatched. When he does the rude behavior, I kick him aside (not like punting a ball, but moving him), "peck" him with my hand and then chase him down and hold him for 15-20 minutes. I am following all the rules I have read, but am getting annoyed and think it is time to rehome him.

    I would cull, but he is too skinny for my liking... I need to fatten him up, but that will take time, and I dont think I have the patience for him.

    He is starting to chase my 2 daughters. He fought our yellow lab for her food and won! He chases a few of the ladies (there are 7 total) relentlessly and pecks them pulls out feathers (not mating them yet, though).

    He would do great somewhere else where his aggresiveness benefited a large flock that needed that protecting, but I am getting a sinking feeling that he will not longer be welcome with me.

    Any advice? Is there hope for taming or getting my sweet rooster back - or are the hormones going to permanently make him undesirable to me?
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    Thank goodness none of my boys behave aggressively toward me. But if I were in your shoes I think I would be thinking about soup.

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