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    Feb 13, 2017
    I recently acquired three Silkie chicks. They're growing up fast (they're around 8 weeks old now) and I think at least one is a cockerel. I want to be prepared for the crowing, as I live in a place where neighbours wouldn't appreciate the noise. I'm guessing that if I have a cockerel he will start crowing very soon.

    I've been reading and watching YouTube videos about rooster collars. I'm aware that they don't stop the crowing, they just make it less loud, and they may not work on every rooster. I know the site to order them from, and on YouTube a few people were making them from a strip of Velcro. I'm trying to decide whether to order one of the commercially made collars now, or just use a strip of Velcro. I'd prefer to have at least one handy before the crowing starts.

    So I'd like to hear from anyone who has used these collars (on any breed) and what kind of experience you've had with them. Are the commercial collars better or is plain Velcro fine? I wonder if the edges of plain Velcro would irritate or cut their skin? Do they work most of the time or is their track record not so good? Have there been any accidents (like getting one caught on something) or unexpected incidents? Do Silkie feathers make the collars harder to fit, and do they fall off more easily? Does anyone have any other advice to offer?

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    Jan 11, 2013
    I tried one on my RIR rooster. It made the crow sound like a woman screaming. No joke. Eventually I got it so that it was a little better, but it had to be on there pretty darn tight for not much difference. I only used it for a few days, because I worried constantly about him catching on something and choking to death. Arguably if I had played with it longer maybe it would have worked better. After the initial confusion, he didn't seem to act any differently with it on. We ended up killing Red the Rooster anyway... he was loud, but the bigger problem was the damage he did to the ladies' rear feathers. :-/ Good luck!

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