Rooster Coop: 24 hours, 2 Roosters & 1 Great Idea...

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  1. So, we have needed to make some rooster coops for a while. There aren't lots of pictures online for something just for this purpose, so I'm making sure to post mine here for others. 2 of my roosters returned from the county fair, and since need to be kept seperate, were homeless. I had exactly 24 hours to build something suitable, that could be used long term & through the winter so here's what we did.
    (mind you I'm also mid process on another coop for the extra boys, and a turkey brooder on my back porch. so this one swept in became priority and now is done, i can return to the other 2 projects)

    Here are the boys in the corn patch waiting for somewhere to live (1st place Left 2nd place Right):
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So far I understand Roosters need the same space, ventilation, food water, but do NOT need nest boxes, what a time saver!. This house had to be easy to duplicate, good enough for winter & ready fast.

    We went to Lowes to buy 2X4s but found these Ballasters instead, already a great size. The needed only pre-drilled for the screws, otherwise they will split. We built a basic frame with them
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here's the finished product basically 3.5' square

    A piece of plywood will cover a 3rd side in the winter time leaving only the front open & exposed to the sun.

    Total cost for us were the ballasters only about $20. The rest we had here leftover from the coop & other scraps.

    And here's a link to the album with all the pics & descriptions of how it came together Rooster Housing
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    Glad those boy's aren't homeless anymore:)

    Nice digs!!
  3. Hey there, thanks! So far neither of the boys have even tried the roost, but being in a cage at the fair for a week without one may have just gotten them outta the habit. I wonder if it's too high, or perhaps they just don't know it's there..

    I should've also added, that I bought the welded wire $35 for 25' here and used about 8' worth.

    And that with pre-drilled holes, 2" screws work just great.

    I've lifted it myself to change the food & water, which I hope to upgrade to a hanging system I can access from the outside. And scooting it around the yard is simple enough.

    So far, so good

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