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    Apr 23, 2009
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    We have one good sized coop and run now with 19 hens and 1 little bantam roo. They get to free range many, many acres at least 4 times a week and we've never had any aggression problems, feather picking, or anything else.

    I am planning on building a coop/run for JUST roosters. Do you think it is mean to keep only roos together (they would be monitored closely to make sure they get along and that there's no bullying/fighting)? The roosters would probably not get to free range any/often, but would have a HUGE run and plenty of roosts, obstacles, and treats to compensate.

    (The inhabitants of this coop would be roosters from eggs we might hatch, saved roos from swaps, or saved roos from TSC chick days, etc.... In essence, this is a house for nice roos that would otherwise be culled/discarded/eaten.)

    I guess I have three questions...

    1. Would you recommend the same SF per bird for a typical hen coop, or would we need more room because of territorial roosters? (or would it not make any difference because there would be no hens in with them?)

    2. Do you think an "all roo" bachelor coop is even possible to have without fighting problems?

    3. How many SF per bird in the run? I like to err on the side of "too much" room, if you know what I mean. I've done that with with my current coop, and we've fortunately never had any problems.
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    i would keep the same SF as a typical hen coop and for the roos, if they are raised together they shouldn't fight
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    You should do fine with the same SF as your traditional coop. There are a LOT of people on here who have a bachelor coop who do very well with it, so I don't suspect you'll have any problems with it.

    All things considered, I like to have at least 10 sq feet/bird (including coop AND run). Well, actually I prefer to have an acre for my 20 or so chickens, but that's a little excessive [​IMG]

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