Rooster crowing?


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6 Years
Apr 4, 2013
My silkie rooster has just started crowing in the early morning. If he keeps it up I'll have to get rid of him because of my neighbors :((they dont understand why people like animals.)
Is there any way to make him crow a little later? like maybe 8 ish instead of 6?
Sometimes keeping them in the dark till 8 helps. Roosters have an internal clock that tells them it is morning.
The best thing is to keep him in an insulated enclosure that muffles the sound.
I have always had lots of roosters around here (the number seems to vary between "too many roosters" and "way too many roosters." Perhaps because they have other roosters nearby talking trash right back at them, they crow a lot, even after dark. They are usually pretty quiet between dusk and midnight, but I can hear an occasional crow between midnight and 2 a.m. They pick the pace up a little more as the night wears on, and they are going like gangbusters long before the sun comes up in the morning. For years, if I wake up at night, I can get a rough idea of what time it is just by listening to how often the roosters are crowing (this is particularly true on moonlit nights). Fortunately, my neighbors don't mind.

You might keep your boy a bit quieter if you keep him in the dark, but if he can hear another rooster crowing, he won't care how dark it is.

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