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    Aug 14, 2008
    Out of eleven straight run Buff Orpingtons I have 5 roosters. I need to cull down to 1 for the remaining hens, but I'm having trouble deciding on who to keep. My old BO roo was such a gentleman I'd love to get one just like him. He was so kind to the hens, always let them eat first, he was pretty gentle with breeding, and he never gave me a bit of trouble. I've had other roos that were pretty nasty, so I'd like to avoid that. But I'm having trouble choosing through these guys. There is one with a bad eye, so he has to go. Although they pick on each other I haven't seen any one being mean to the hens. There is one that I am drawn to that doesn't seem to have any rooster type tail feathers yet, but he does have saddle feathers so I know he is male. He is probably the smallest of the roosters. The others all look pretty typical. Is there anything I should be looking for that would indicate a good rooster to keep? I'm not showing or anything like that, but if I got a broody hen I might raise some chicks.
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    Well, it's a tough call out of four young roos. I'd just do the culling slowly myself. Do the one you know has to go and another who just doesn't quite fit. Their personalities can change with age and especially when fellow roos are taken out of the pecking order. Good luck.
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    And I just got the great advice to let the girls tell me who they prefer;)

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