Rooster died-Want to know why


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Chickenboy's very first bird died this morning. Buff bantam rooster , 2 years old - AKA Monster baby was in an isolation cage overnight. History - he has been the lowest rooster in the pecking order- living with a d'uccle and an English Gamebird rooster and 15 bantam hens. This arrangement had been working for more than a year. The head hen and him were pals. The two of them hung out in a nesting spot. The rest slept on the roosts. The birds have a two story large chicken tractor and free range several hours a day. This week has been rainy in Michigan - they have not been able to free range very much at all. Yesterday I noticed that Monster was wet on his chest. When let out to free range he was drinking excessively from the bowl by the spigot - actually standing in the bowl. He was wobbly on his feet. I took him inside, blow dry his feathers, then put him in an isolation cage in the goat barn. We have our birds cages - growing out. He ate a lot of food - not too much but obviously hungry. Still lethargic, crop seemed right, no sneezing or discharge. Thought he must have been chilled ( he liked to go in the outside part of pen- mostly out of the rain-but may have gotten wet)and the other boys weren't let him eat.
This morning he has hunkered down, not moving, did open his eyes, comb was cold and purplish. He had NOT pooped during the night. I brought him inside wrapped in a t-shirt and started looking at this forum. Within 10 minutes he died.

I didn't mention the weather - low 90s on Friday - 50s and rainy this week.

Chickenboy wants to know what happened. Should I do a necropsy? I don't think Chickenboy will help.

Thank you,

Thank you for your replies and sympathy.
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So sorry you lost him.

I can't help with a diagnosis.

I don't like the "lethargic" chicken post. I have never seen a good answer for that one.

Imp- Good luck

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