Rooster down on his legs and crab walks

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    [​IMG]This is one of my roosters. He started out limping on one leg and then I noticed him not moving much and when he did walk it was with very tiny steps. He has since gone down on his legs like this. When he does try to walk again it is with little steps and he does not stand upright. Also the toes on his right foot are starting to curl under. I do not know it he or my flock has been vaccinated against Mareks or how old they are. When I felt of his right leg there was a lot of heat but he did not react as though it was sore. I felt for a misplaced tendon but was not sure of what I should feel for. I have read a lot on this site and thank you for the help but did not see anything like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sorry to hear about your rooster. How old is he? There are several diseases that can cause the symptoms he has. Mareks disease, botulism, mycoplasma synovitis, tenosynovitis or viral arthritis, and equine encephalomyelitis. Some of these will cause hot, swollen, or sore joints. I would start him on vitamins right away in his water, esepecially B complex. Could he have gotten into any bad food as in rotting, vegetation, animal carcasses, fish, etc? Watch for any other signs of weakness in wings or ability to hold neck up.
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