rooster eating eggs

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  1. eventhatcher

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    Aug 7, 2009
    anyone have any ideas how to deal with a rooster that is eating eggs? Would like to find a solution besides offing him if possible. As well, I have two hens and 1 rooster - things have been going well until hen is refusing to come out of the nesting area ( no clutch of eggs) and I think its because she is trying to avoid the rooster - hes been after her quite abit lately. Not sure why/what started all the trouble as the trio got along well during the summer. They are free range and shut in the coop at night.
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    You could try one or all of the following:

    Feed them more protein

    Put golfballs in the nest box

    Isolate him for awhile

    Bigger coop/pen/run

    Modify the nest box to have the egg roll away from where he would have access to it

    Modify the next box to be smaller, enclosed, so he can't get in it to eat the egg.
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  3. eventhatcher

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    Aug 7, 2009
    Thank you very much! I did up the protein and added oyster shells - and they have the run of the outdoors free-ranging.
    I was thinking that if I built a nesting area with seperate slots for each chicken it might work - but do you think that they will stay warm enough as winter is about to hit? (I'm in central Maine)

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