Rooster eating eggs????


8 Years
Apr 11, 2011
I think my rooster is an egg eater!!!???
We have been getting 7-8 eggs a day, when suddenly we started getting only 3-4. Now I get that they dont lay 24/7 so I was not to concerned at first. Now today I put all of the eggs in the egg basket and set it down for something, when all of a sudden my Mr. Roopert started doing the food song and pecking inside the basket at the eggs????

And then tonight I went out and found the remains of one in the nesting box.

What should I do?

I had read about blowing out an egg and filling it with as much nasty stuff that I can find and letting the egg eater eat it and then they will never touch another one.

Then everyone else has been saying eat him and get another rooster...

What can I do??? Please help :(

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