Rooster falling I one side :/


6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I got a rooster yesterday from my friend it's a light Sussex. And he put in a bag with lots of holes in it u know like one of those wheat sacks, now I am worried he was too rough with it cause it can't really walk properly it sort of falls to one side I think it leg is sore and it looks as if it struggling to stand as he's shaking, I don't know what to do :( anybody any ideas
Oh dear. Yes, that is probably not an ideal way to transport a bird! Did you quarantine your new roo away from your other birds?
There are two possibilities that immediately spring to mind:
1) He was injured, or
2) Transporting him caused him stress, and "hidden" problems are often opportunistic of this and will show themselves suddenly when a bird becomes stressed.

If he were mine, I'd isolate him in a quiet area, such as in a kennel or large crate, so that he can rest. Observe him carefully. If he seems to be in pain, you can offer him painkiller... I actually just posted about this so I will give you a link to the dosages:

While he is isolated and resting (hopefully) observe him carefully and let us know if you see any other symptoms. I hope it is just a minor injury and that he will be well soon!

I truly hope you quarantined him in case he is sick and not just injured! I'd hate for you to accidentally spread a disease in your flock.
Yes I put him in a separate area from the hens, he is in his own house and he had place to go around and eat grass etc, he was looking slightly better for a while but then he fell over and stated all over again errrrg :( hope he's ok

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