Rooster fight for "Head' status.

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    Rooster 'zero', granddaughter 'one'.

    We had planned to butcher our Australorp roo a few weeks back. Separated him for butchering three times that never arrived. The last day we were to butcher the black roo, our light Brahma rooster took several chunks out of my granddaughter and we made a quick switch-a-roo.

    Gypsy, at 8 years old, loves the chickens and had never had a problem with either rooster until that day. Well, this Sunday morning, the Australorp attacked her. Wish I'd have had a camera! She stood her ground and flapped her arms while kicking back at the roo. She had to kick with both feet to keep up with the rooster attacking. Seemed to go on for so long - and I was afraid she would get tired of kicking - so I started outside. Before I made it to the door, the rooster turned and walked away. Yea, Gypsy!

    Gyp spent quite a while later in the day just walking through the flock and picking up Lucy or Lacy for petting. Monte didn't bother her in the least after his backdown.

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