Rooster fight


Oct 13, 2021
Hello! I am new to this forum but always come here to look for help. I have a flocked of many breeds of 26 hens and 3 roosters but will soon lessen that number. My favorite roo got into a fight last Monday and I found him lifeless in the corner of the coop with some blood on his comb but nowhere else. He is now drinking and eating great, starting to try to stand and looks more alive. Last night, I finally got help to hold him to look very close at him as I still haven't seen any injuries other then the scabbed comb. Well, the leg he isn't using much is bruised all the way up like his whole thigh! The skin is very dark in color. I still have found no wounds and really looker hard everywhere. Any help or advice of what could have happened? He's on pain meds and antibiotics from a local vet but she wasn't able to come look at him. I'm giving him vitamin/electrolyte water for chickens as well. I honestly thought he was going to die the next day and the meds were to keep him comfortable. Thanks for any help!


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Dec 11, 2009
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People find an injured chicken in an enclosed coop or run and assume another chicken was responsible. More often it's a predator that got in through an unnoticed crevice or high unscreened vent. You need to broaden your search for the cause.

It could have been another rooster that did this, but you would have already seen this roo fighting another, if this was the cause.

Are these three roosters (over a year old) or cockerels? Young cockerels under one year, will be coming into their hormones and can suddenly become violent. But it's more likely a predator that attacked when you find an injured chicken that is "lifeless", meaning it has suffered shock from the attack.

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