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    Dec 23, 2012
    My poor rooster got in a fight with a neighbors rooster. Somehow in the scuffle my rooster got a spur to his eye, after first aid attempts we realized he was blind in the eye. That night a fox climbed our back fence and attacked the poor thing, by pure miracle i managed to scare it off and he was fine. Im not sure how to handle him though, should i let him go, or give him a chance to adjust to his new vision. I'm horrified that i won't be able to save him from another predator, what should i do?
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    If it was me, I would cull him and get a new rooster, there are way to many perfectly healthy roosters in the world that are butchered to keep an injured one in my opinion. However, if it is a pet I am sure there are some ways you could help him and he probably would be okay blind in one eye. Hopefully someone else has more knowledge on how to care for him then I do.
    Sorry I'm not much of help [​IMG]
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    Since I've never had an eye injury with any of my birds, I'd recommend taking him to an Avian vet to have the eye treated properly and fix that fence to avoid another confrontation. If he still has one good eye, he can still enjoy the rest of his life. Foxes are bad news like coons. If they are allowed on property with poultry, they keep coming back. The best thing to do is trap 'em, cap 'em, and wire the the carcass far out on a perimeter fence for the other foxes to observe.
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    WOW this Is a great point.
    Sorry to hear and your roo is an absolute tanker, how did he manage to take such a beating. If he's a good pet keep him other wise help another healthy rooster.
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    I would let him adjust to his blindness. There is no reason to cull him at this point. If you find in the future that he just can't adjust, then I would consider doing something. I agree that he should be seen by a vet to keep infection out of would he might need some antibiotics.
    I don't have a problem with the wildlife in my area but I know it can be real bad and annoying. Good luck with your roo.

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