Rooster foaming at the mouth and crop is purple

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    Jul 4, 2011
    My Cochin roo was attacked by a mink a few days ago. My dog saved him from eminent death and we brought him in for a few hours to warm up. He seemed uninjured and was only missing patches of feathers here and there, so I returned him to the coop immediately that night so he'd be in the company of his flock. Next day, I check him and discover that his crop is full of intact layer pellets, so I mix up a batch of Sav-A-Chick and rehydrate him by putting drops in his beak slowly. I manage about a quarter cup throughout the day, and the pellets have softened, so I thought it would be okay. Well, now he's foaming at the mouth, and has mild labored breathing. I see the skin over his crop is purple and it's squishy.

    I'll switch him to clear water. No food until his crop clears. How does ACV work? Does that help? I have him under a heat lamp right now.

    What happened? What else can I do?

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