Rooster found dead today :(

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    Hi, I've been a frequent reader of this site for the last year but tonight is my first post. A little over a year ago I got two chicks in hopes of having a couple of hens to lay eggs. Well once they matured I was surprised to find I had two roosters. It wasn't until a month ago that I rehomed one of the roosters. The one I rehomed was an aggressive White Silkie. The one I kept was a Polish who I really enjoyed. I had named him Tilly and he was just so funny in everything he did. He was sweet and never aggressive towards me. a little over a week ago I brought home a 12 month old hen to accompany him. They seemed to be doing great. Last night and this morning we had a lot of rain and when I went out this afternoon to check on the two of them I was shocked and horribly saddened to find Tilly out in the yard dead. I looked him over and didn't see any signs of trauma. It was very sad for me. My hen, Hattie seemed fine just walking around doing the usual. I was very caught off guard by my beloved roosters death. He hadn't shown any signs of illness. What could have happened? He was a sweet pet and will be missed. Will my hen be lonely until I find others to join her?

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    Welcome to BYC...sorry for your loss.

    Are you sure he had no wounds on him at all? Look down beneath all feathers.
    He could have been hit by a hawk who then got scared off before eating.

    The new hen may have brought in some disease, they can carry some diseases without showing symptoms.
    It could have been such a quick killer that he didn't show any symptoms before succumbing.
    Only way to know for sure would be to have a necropsy done at your vet or the state labs.
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