Rooster Frostbite??

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    Hello, I live in central Nebraska where we've had a very fridged and damp December. Most of my chickens have a bit of frostbite on their combs, but my Roosters have it very bad on their combs and wattles and now they are limping and behaving sluggish. I cannot move them out of the coop as I have no where else to keep them. I have fresh bedding in the coop, plenty of ventilation and their food and water is kept outside. They sleep on roosts made by 2x4, on the 4 side. And they have bag balm on all of the frost bitten places. My question is about their feet. The look a bit swollen and red, but definitely not black. I don't see any sores on them. It's been much warmer these past two days, but my roosters seem to be feeling worse, not better. I'm very worried about them, but I don't know what else to do.
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    Can you post some photos of the combs, wattle and feet?
    Any blisters on the feet, wattles or combs?
    Are they eating/drinking?

    Sometimes with severe frostbite, they may not want to go outside to get food/water. If this is the case, then they may be dehydrated. I understand you not having another place to keep them, so try to make the coop as comfortable as possible - consider adding another layer of bedding and making food/water available for their day time hours inside the coop - they may be having trouble walking or their wattles are painful when they try to eat/drink, so they avoid these activities (this makes them weak and dehydrated).

    Add some poultry vitamins to the water and give them some extra protein like egg.

    Watch the combs, wattles and feet to make sure they there is no infection setting in.
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