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    Jan 26, 2007
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    I know what many answers will be about this, but want to see if anyone has any brilliant ideas. I wrote before about these three young roos we have who ganged up on our boss roo, Checker. He has now been reduced to the bottom of the pecking order and although thankfully he has recovered from his wounds, he cannot rejoin the flock because the roos (except Dazzle) will all gang up on him and chase him away. We are afraid he will get mugged again. We have never had this problem before; all our roos have been peaceable with each other up til now. These three youngsters we have are new. We got them as babies and were told at the time that they were female. We are reluctant to take them to an auction for reasons I mentioned earlier, (concerns about cockfighting) and killing is a little more then we can handle. We have bought some more hens and that seems to help a little. We have some more still quarantined we will be releasing soon. We thought about catching those three and penning them up so that Checker can re-establish the order with the roos he used to get along with, and then maybe releasing the others later, in the hopes that they will then be at the bottom again. But don't know if this will work. They will not attack him when we are around, just when we leave. Our other option is to just keep Checker penned up til summer, when they spread out more, and then try again, or, just keep him penned up forever. He is not very strong right now anyway because he has been confined so long. On the flip side, today there was a cat (I think) in the barn...everyone was rioting, and perched high, except for our group of young roos standing in the middle of the floor, apparently prepared to fight whatever if they had to.
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    It is my past experience that once a rooster has been de-throned as king of the coop he won't be able to get that position back -unless he is the only rooster left and then some of the hens might take that position from him.

    I have never seen more than a couple of roosters get along in a large flock. Some people don't have much trouble with more than 1 roo in the hen house others have tons of trouble.

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