Rooster give away


Jul 5, 2021
I have three roosters which I am willing to give away, honestly I dread giving them away, but for the safety of my flock I have to. :( :( They are healthy roosters. They have just started crowing so they are pretty young. They are all mixes, I think two of them are Leghorns, the other one is a barred rock mix. I will send pictures in the morning, Their names are Snow drop, Woodstock, and Hopscotch. I really want all of the roosters to have great homes, I don't want them to go to homes where they won't be loved. I was there when they popped though their shells, I babied them. I was very disappointed when 4 out of 6 were roosters, So please take care of them if you buy them. My flock is completely healthy, I will answer any questions you ask, if I can. We live in Arkansas, in the Calico Rock area.


Aug 29, 2021
I feel for you. I am in the same situation. I et my broody hen hatch four eggs and now I have 4 roosters to re-home. All named and well loved. :(. Best of luck with your gang.

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