Rooster gone away, Hens gone mad!

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    Jan 23, 2011
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    I'm at the end of my run at the moment. I posted an add on the main trading forum here asking if any very friendly vegetarians wanted our lovely rooster, and so our dear Xerox went to a new home and a bunch of love starved hens. He seemed pretty happy with the arrangement...but our hens! All three that I raised by hand went nuts. Two of them went broody right off the bat. One of the broodies sits there on no eggs at all day and night clucking and fussing all the time. Nothing breaks it. I try to lock her out of the coop but she gets MISERABLE. I can't bear it. The other, we decided to let her hatch out a bunch of Xeroxes progeny. The third hand reared hen has lost it completely. She walks around puffed up like a turkey, hackles up on the back of her neck. She gripes and grouches around the run attacking the two new hens every time she can. She chases them, corners them, clucks them half to death, and often pecks hard to hurt. The two new hens seem to mistrust me totally since I boxed up poor Xerox. ALL of them seem to mistrust me...It's sad actually. The only one who seems almost normal if our 'free' xe-henpecked hen who lives outside of the run and has her own mini coop. She misses him, but she didn't go mad on us. Next week I'm getting 4 bantam hens and a bantam rooster. I'm worried that it is a bad time in the whole broken social scene to introduce new feathers to the flock. I mean, the whole flock is totally dysfunctional! :barnieHELP!!
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    poor girl shes all confused...
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    A good rooster will keep order in a flock. My Rooster keeps the girls from fighting and a close eye out for predators. I hope the new roo will restore order to your flock.[​IMG]

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