Rooster gone...hens depressed?

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  1. I processed our rooster two weekends ago. It was not our original intent to have a rooster, but our 'mystery chick' turned out to be a boy. Despite all my hens being large fowl breeds and our rooster being a significantly smaller Hamburg, he was putting a lot of wear and tear on the ladies. Out of 17 ladies, about 5 had severe feather loss to the back and neck areas. He became increasingly aggressive to me so the decision was made to alleviate everyone's stress. However, since he's been gone the ladies have seemed depressed. They are less active, more bedraggled looking, and egg production has slowed. Could they actually miss having that little tyrant around?
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    I'm not sure they miss him, per se, but there was a major change in the flock and they react to that. They may look worse as feathers start growing back in. This is a good time to increase protein a little, to promote good growth. Other than that, I'd just give them time to adjust to the new life.
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    They do notice when someone is missing. My free range RIR rooster squacked like he was being attacked when he couldn't find his sister when it came time roost for the night. I think a hawk got her. My roo would jump off the roost and walk around and squack as if he was looking for her. I felt a little sad to see him do that but after a week he was over it. Hope yours cheer up soon.

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