Rooster gone mad!


14 Years
Oct 6, 2008
We have several roosters because we received them as packing peanuts plus I ordered a BO roo because i wanted to breed my BO. However out of all the roosters we have they all mind their own but my BO roo. When I walk into the coop he completely ignores me but when I am walking out of the coop he goes crazy on me.....How do I make him stop? I do have small kids (6, 7 &3) that i dont want him to do this to.

I would rather figure out how to make him stop than invite him to dinner

Thank you!!!!
Step 1 - Get a stick.

Step 2 - Poke the rooster with the stick.

2a - Pay particular attention to the back of his head to down between his wings. Literally hen peck him. Do this until he is HUMILIATED. Humble his butt, seriously. Give chase if necessary, and it will be.

Step 3 - Like the shampoo bottle says, repeat. Every time you go in the coop for a few days. He will get the picture that YOU are the head rooster and not to be trifled with.

Step 4 - If his instincts don't kick in an put him in his place, I believe his place becomes freezer camp.

As an aside, a good stiff whack with said stick for good measure might help him "understand".
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he got me good once and I wasn’t about to let it happen again so I went in prepared yesterday and sure enough he came barreling after me and he got a good whack with a stick but my heart was racing so I couldn’t go back in to see if he would chase me out again….
Quote: other words...pretend the rooster is your husband and there's some project you really, really, really need him to finish.

Wow, I thought I knew about this because I own chickens. I now realize it is because I am a HUSBAND! Holy Cow!
My ameracuna has tried to flog me a couple of times. Luckily both times I was wearing thick jeans. It hurt but did not damage me. The second time he got back-kicked. He hasn't tried it since but every time I go in the cage I pet him which he doesn't like at all.
I AM the head bird around here and no one better forget it. The one time he pulled coming at my 12 year old daughter she had been warned and she hit him with the egg basket. Luckily it was empty at the time.
: Angelique
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