Rooster Gone Wild? I am mortfied!

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    Last week we had to go out of town for a few days. I hated to leave my beloved King Louis and the girls alone but my FIL offered to feed and water everyone while I was away. He knows how I love my flock so I was confident they would be content and well cared for. Unfortunately, the first two days FIL entered the yard to feed the flock Louis attacked him! The third time Louis got a feed bucket thrown at him and the fourth day he seemed docile towards my FIL. Thankfully I was back to take over on the fifth day. The weird thing is that Louis was never aggressive towards me before I left and hasn't been since. I realize that roosters are territorial...but are they selectively so with people? I feel like I've done something wrong and I am incredibly embarrassed. I've always bragged about what a nice Roo Louis is!
  2. I have a BIG 'OL Cochin Roo that would not THINK to come after me. He is just part of the crowd. HOWEVER, when my iwfe's sister comes over to feed for the day/night while we go out of town, that Roo is after her like flies on .....

    So, I do believe it is the person, not the roo. Heck he got a feed bucket thrown at him, survived and stopped. What more could you ask for ?

    This Cochin is the same roo I found my wife chasing with a 6 inch blade on day, but never caught. She calls him "dumplins". I told her if I ever found out that she hurt my boy i would make sure life was unbearable for her. Silly me.

    He is still alive, we just warn people about him. He really is a sweet roo and takes care of the silkies.
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    My thoughts are that he considers you part of the flock and any stranger is an intruder to be dealt with.

    I have had roosters like that, never bothered me at all, but if my GD went into the pen, he would attack if I was not present.
    Also I had a tom turkey in a pasture with my pot-belly pigs that was the sweetest thing ever, until a stranger would go into the pasture. He would attack also, even with me in the pasture too.
    I never had to worry about anyone messing around in that pasture!

    My advice would be to have FIL come over and feed with you a few times before you go out of town again to get your roo used to him.

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    He is doing his job. Protecting his flock from an intruder.
    As others have said, you should have him come over more often and perhaps throw treat down and visit with the flock a few times so your roo is familar with him.
    Of course, it already sounds like the problem has been takin care of via bucket!
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    lol Thanks for your thoughts. I guess I should feel flattered...I'm an honorary chicken!
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    [​IMG] This post makes me feel better too. My roo does this sometimes, but never attacks me. Now I understand, he is just takin' care of bizness!
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    It amazes me how brave roosters are...I mean, size-wise Louis attacking FIL would be like me attempting to fist fight an elephant!
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    I have two roos that roam the property. The Alpha of the two (Sancho) will attack certain men (never women).
    He goes after the ones who have never owned or are not comfortable around chickens.
    To be perfectly honest, I love having an attack roo on the premises, but I try to act all dismayed when he does it. [​IMG]
  9. Criskin

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    Quote:That is too cute. Sancho isn't just a protector, he's also a gentleman!
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    Quote:Is it wrong of me to think this is hilarious! [​IMG]

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