Rooster Growls Like Dog!

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    My dorking rooster is so funny. When he is out in the run with the ladies, and a blue bird flies over low - He produces a growl or deep purr that is so cute! He is very notorious all the sudden (now that there are lots of ladies around) for making very odd noises similar to growling, purring and chebacha from Star Wars. [​IMG]

    Anyone else have roosters that get annoyed or protective of the ladies and growl at everything?[​IMG]
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    Mine do the same. My Lakenvelder does it very loudly and it sounds awful! I call it the "ugly noise." My boys do it whenever they see or hear something they don't like or don't recognize.
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    Yes, the growl is a warning alert sound. It's to let the flock know they need to "be aware." If you notice, everybody around usually goes stock still for a few seconds if they hear that growl. They're waiting for the "Run! Hide!" call. If nothing happens, they go on about their business.

    But I will tell ya, the very first time I heard that sound in my back yard, I thought the neighbor's Rottie had growled at something! Was I shocked to discover it was my ROOSTER!
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    Oct 23, 2010
    I LOVE hearing the variety of sounds from my new rooster.. We started our flock with a rehomed rooster and 6 hens thrown in to sweeten the deal.. we are now hooked on chickens (big surprise).. The only predator problems were before we free ranged if that makes any sense. We thought our coop was secure.. little did we know what a bobcat would scale the chanin link fence and SQUEEZE through one corner of the top..Now the coop is in our front fenced yard.. chickens free range during the day and locked up at night.. our dogs have free run of the front yard after the chickens are locked in..

    With all of that being said, my new rooster (bought from "bargain" here on BYC) makes a larger variety of sounds than I heard from my old rooster..the 4 hens and 7 pullets definately listen to him -- as do we when he CROWS to snitch on one of the hens that has slipped under the gate to

    A good rooster is worth his weight in gold.. especially in my area where hawks love to stalk! I have new chicks coming as well as the ones I am hatching out.. so soon "Buford" will have help guarding the larger flock.


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