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    This isn't an emergency, more of an idea to help people.

    I have two roosters, one named Amigo and one named Pumkin, now they don't fight, but during the day Amigo will chasing pumkin now and then, mainly during eating. This has gotten Pumkin into a habit of eating fast, VERY fast, when he is eating from the ground it helps. But two days ago he was being really sweet so I figured I'd feed him from the scoop. He was eating fast, and I was thinking: "Boy Pumkin, can't you take a break!" So I put the scoop down, then I noticed Pumkin was choking, the jammed food was 3x the size of his neck.

    The first thing I did was what I do with a hen with a little but of food stuck, make him drink water, it helped little. Then I kept rubbing his throat, he started turning purple, it was awful. Then I decided to spin him around in a circle, I did so, then gave him more water, rubbed him more. His color started coming back, so I spung him around again, then I just rubbed his throat until almost all his color came back, once only parts of his come were purple I put him down to walk around. The next morning (yesterday) his throat was slightly swollen, but he crowed as usual, and was/is happy.
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    Thank you so much for this.
    I had a rooster that choked a lot from eating to fast. [​IMG]

    what eggzactly do you mean when you said you spung him around????
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    I had my right hand holding both his legs, and my left on his chest, then I spung around in a circle.

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