Rooster has bumps on face

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    Jun 19, 2014
    Our rooster has bumps on his face. Could it be fowl pox? Or could it be from fighting with other roosters? He acts normal. None of our other chickens have it. He has been like that for at least two weeks. He seems healthy other wise.[​IMG]
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    Yes I believe that is a pretty significant case of fowl pox. It is caused by a virus from mosquitoes, and should go away in 4-5 weeks. I would look inside his beak and throat with a light to see if he has any yellow patches that could be wet pox--that can be dangerous by closing off his airway,and making it difficult to eat. You can put iodine on the comb and wattles, keeping it away from his eyes. In his eyes I would put some Terramycin eye ointment (from feed store, Vetericyn Eye Gel,) or plain Neosporin ointment twice a day. Sometimes the eye can get infected with all sorts of bacteria. Make sure that he is eating and drinking enough since that is how some are lost to the disease. The picture below is a more extreme case of pox. Here are some links to read:

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    Poor fellow.

    Yes, that definitely looks like fowl pox.

    @Eggcessive has given you some fabulous advice there.

    I'm glad that despite his affliction he seems well otherwise.

    Good luck with him. Hope he's feeling and looking better soon!

    - Krista

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