Rooster having troubles mating

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    When I let the girls (and boy) out this morning, for the second morning in a row he chased the girls. He was able to get one somewhat into submission (the SLW) but didn’t succeed in mounting her. The Australorp saw what was going on, by that time the rooster had “fallen off” the SLW, and she came over and pecked the rooster! It was like she was telling him to back off of the SLW. Is this normal? Do I have a sissy rooster who will never be able to mate with my girls? It’s all new. This is only the second day I’ve seen him attempt to mate them. He is a silkie and they are standard size girls.
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    Aug 24, 2013
    At first most roosters always have trouble mating but he should eventually get the hang of it.My bantams have trouble mating for some time on my orpingtons and red stars. For now just wait and see
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    What are their ages? Adolescent cockerels often have trouble mating. Their hormones are cranked up but they have no control over them. They don’t have a clue as to the proper technique. For the girls to cooperate they have to have enough respect for the rooster to want him as a father of their children. A hormonal driven cockerel that has no idea of how to behave maturely can’t win that respect. He has to mature first.

    Be patient. That day will come, but it may be months before it gets here.
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    I'm sure that's the problem. The girls just started laying and the roo is only about 22 weeks old.

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