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May 6, 2014
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I have four roosters. All crowing. All day. I am taking two to be possessed tomorrow, but I have one problem. One of my roosters (actually my favorite) recently started jumping up at people that get too close. He jumps from behind normally, or from the side. But he doesn't seem to ever do it from the front... So is this something that can be trained away? Or is it time for him to go? Help?
That is not an easy question. When the young roosters reach maturity, they sometimes become very agressive. He may calm down with time, as he ages, or maybe not. I've had a few really mean roosters, and I've had a few really nice ones, with great manners.

I used to have to keep a rolled up magazine in my back pocket when I had my Black Copper Marans rooster. That roo would fly at my face, attack me from behind, you name it. So I used the magazine to give him a whack, without actually hurting him, but I'm sure it stung a bit. Truthfully, it didn't help much, and he would still come after me the next time he saw me. It made chicken keeping unpleasant, as I was constantly being stalked by this rooster. So I sold him with a warning. He was a huge beauty. But, I'm glad he's gone.

Wish I could tell you he'll be fine and turn into a nice rooster......

Good luck,
Seems to me (from what I have read on here) that once aggressive always aggressive, and probably not safe to be around children or others that can't defend themselves. Not much reason to keep it around since you don't want to breed an aggressive rooster.
Frankly, if it were my rooster it would be going to the processor. There are people who have the time, patience and energy to try to "tame" them. I am not one of those people. If you have small children, I would not take the chance of keeping him. Another thing to consider - even if you do get him to respect you, it does not mean he will respect anyone else. He is a potential liability if you ever have visitors.
Time for the crock pot I fear! Any roo that gets aggressive to humans, especially little children should go........did I mention the crock pot?

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