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    Feb 7, 2011
    My two sweet roosters who are brothers got into a terrible fight. Kahuna came out the loser. He is always the aggressor and his brother usually shies away but this time he beat him up mightily. Kahuna has blood in his eye area and I think the eye might be lost. Kept him overnight in a separate pen. He is eating and drinking and seems okay. How can I treat his wounds. This happened when I was away for the day. Came home to the mess in the evening when he had been caged and was resting.
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    clean his eye really good with saline wash or just warm salty water, you can apply neo. directly to the eye area, it's amazing how fast these birds heal, but as you probably know it will happen again and one or the other may be killed, When we have extra roos, they can only be together so long then the fighting will start, so it's in the freezer or new home for the extras.. and it sure makes for a more peaceful flock too. forgot to say don't use anything that has pain relief that has caine in it.. watch for any infection so you'll be ready to start antibiotic if necessary, but most likely won't have to. forgot my manners. [​IMG]
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    I had this happen recently too, the poor boys.. but that's what they do! I had to separate mine, I don't think being cooped up all winter in the same little area was good for them. They were both bloody and one almost drowned in his own blood (I flipped out lol) but they did heal very fast! Two days after and they were both back to themselves! I agree with Miss Lydia, clean him up and put some neo on his wounds. You might want to look into keeping them apart now though.

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