Rooster in heat?

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    I have an ameraucana rooster that keeps pecking on the hen that he is kept with. The hen is not laying eggs at the moment. I can't understand why the rooster would peck at the hen since they were hatched together, and I was wondering about the possiblilty of the roo being in heat. If I put an egg near him, would he try to fertilize it or would he break it?

  2. In the animal kingdom the female comes into heat, not the male. The male just becomes..... well.... aroused.

    Also, the rooster will mount the hen and deposit his fertilization material in her, not the egg directly.
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    I wonder if only one hen being housed with one roo is too much for the one hen? I don't have personal experience, but from all I've read the ratio should be much higher for hens to roos.
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    He is probably pecking her to establish his dominance over her. It's part of pecking order. He may well want her to be one of his mates when he's fertile. He will first perfect his crow (before he gets really interested in mating), and then he will have to perfect balancing on top of his mate(s) without falling off. Once he's done that, he can be a rooster who fertilizes the egg cells inside the pullet/hen which gets a calcium coating put around it & becomes a hard-shelled egg, to brood on or to eat. WHen he is getting fertile, he'll start pecking the hens repeatedly on the head and jumping on their backs. theymay run away screeching, or they may spread their wings to the side. If they do the latter, it makes it easier for him to hold onto them, curve his tail-area around while the hen lifts hers, and mate. No, roosters do not have a "thingie" either.
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